Uncivil liberties and 40 years of deficit


Political Compass

As a socialist the political make up of the European Union goes against everything I believe in. As has been pointed out by many ‘experts’ over the last few months our human rights are stronger in the EU – but are they? The reality is that our civil liberties are being eroded by a strongly authoritarian regime. Admittedly I am concerned that leaving the EU may give the Conservatives ‘carte blanche’ to do what they want, but frankly I believe it will be easier to vote them out of power than the impossible task of escaping the clutches of the very dangerous political animal that the EU will become in future years.

Political Compass – EU Chart

I’ve read so many false statistics about the UK’s net contribution to the EU. The plain fact is that we do not receive more than we contribute as numerous media outlets have claimed. The truth is that we lost out by £8.5 billion last year and have not received more than we gave for 40 years! There are of course many other financial factors to be taken into account, however in my opinion the financial benefits of leaving the EU will be huge. If you’re still undecided – take a look at the link below.

The facts about the UK’s EU membership fee


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